Speech of MD

Note from the Managing Director

Business around the word always needs finance in order to keep its functions rolling. So finance is the main energy behind every successful business. Keeping this in mind Invesco Global Limited starts its journey towards arranging finances that can accommodate and sustain the growth of every business that is in need of soft, cheaper, affordable & cost effective. As such I am in a constant motion of accumulating financial intermediaries from all over the globe. Financial intermediation is a combination of all types of unique skills that a financial intermediary applies to channel funds between surplus and deficit parties which includes all sorts of complex and multifarious negotiations as well as advisory duties with high level of due diligence. Our objective is to deliver our services to the local businesses and entrepreneurs who are in search of customizing finances by ensuring all types of legal and regulatory compliances set out by the government authorities. In a foreseeable future, our aim is to be a highly vigilant organization to our stakeholders, forum partners and contribute to the current economical growths of Bangladesh. Thank you.

Adv Maruf Hasan